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New in 2023: Twitter deletes live video archives. 🤷‍♂️

I’ve livestreamed my podcast to Twitter now for years. Before that I used Periscope, and also saved those lives for more than 24 hours. Those livestreams are then archived on Twitter and people can still watch them.

And it’s been a good strategy as part of my multistream podcast distribution. And I’m not stopping that any soon, but Twitter is now deleting livestream archives, according to this notification in the app.

Twitter deletes, livestream archives

Now I’m not sure what’s considered an archive. Or how soon recently concluded livestreams will be part of that. Does that mean new livestreams will be deleted right away? I don’t know the answer to that. As of this writing, it looks like I can still go live on Twitter, so the live streaming functionality is still available.

I also don’t see much value in downloading the livestreams that are archived for me on Twitter. They also exist on YouTube, LinkedIn, and other podcast channels.

It’s really  just another reason to remember that we shouldn’t put all of our eggs in one basket. Don’t just livestream to Twitter, but make Twitter part of your multi-channel strategy.

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Things change

This change in Twitter is also reminder that things can, and do change on a moment’s notice. So have an over arching content strategy, and use the channels to their current potential.

Not having the replays can certainly hurt the content performance, because we do know that many live streams are watched on the replay. But at the end of the day, creators will just have to roll with it, and maximize their livestreams to the best of their potential based on what networks currently offer.

Even if replays, or not available on Twitter, you can always just use Restream to re-broadcast your previous livestreams.

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