The 5 best Android smartwatches in 2023

Tech specs: Display: 41mm AMOLED | Battery life: 24 hours  | Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 12.3 mm | Weight: 36 grams | Water resistance: 5ATM+IP68 | LTE cellular option: Yes

At 41mm, the Google Pixel Watch is one of the smaller smartwatches on the market, but it’s just as capable as larger competitors. In fact, the Google Pixel watch combines Fitbit and Google technology, so you get the best of both worlds.

According to our wearables expert Matthew Miller, “the Fitbit integration is a key element in making the watch more compelling, but there is still work cut out for Google to simplify the smartwatch experience.”

The ECG app can help measure your heart rhythm while working out, sleeping, or sitting behind your desk at work. The smartwatch can track 40 different types of exercise, along with Active Zone Minutes, calories burnt, and steps.

With a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, you get a beautiful display experience, and WearOS technology provides you access to email, maps, and even Google Assistant. Plus, when you pair this watch with a phone in the Pixel line or an Android 8.0+ phone, the experience goes to a whole new level. 

Although this watch retails for slightly more than other smartwatches on this list, its durable build, Fitbit fitness tracking capabilities, and WearOS technology make it a must-have for Google Pixel loyalists. 

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