‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Robyn Court Future Wife – Resembles Ex? (Pic)

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown were recently caught on camera in Vegas with another woman. So, today the buzz points to the couple courting a new wife.

It looks like a fan caught the only remaining couple from the famous polygamous marriage on a TLC series. They were out and about in Vegas over the weekend, and they were not alone.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Said They Would Rebuild

Last season, Robyn Brown vowed to rebuild the clearly crumbling family before anyone left. But when the other wives learned that Christine Brown planned to leave Kody, Robyn turned to Meri Brown and asked her to stick with her. She wanted to rebuild the family.

But Meri got the boot during the Sister Wives One-on-One segment as the season ended. Then Janelle confirmed she and Kody had split as well.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Robyn Brown – Kody Brown – Image Credit – TLC

So, before the last season came to a close, Kody had confirmed to the Sister Wives fans that he was down three wives, leaving one. So, it looked like Robyn’s plans for rebuilding would only be between her and Kody.

And… a new photo might suggest to some folks that they started this already. At least that’s what the buzz of the fans points to today.

Christine Brown or Janelle Brown Look-a-Like?

Some fans think Kody Brown might have a type of woman he’s looking for to replace wife number two and three. The woman above could be a sister to either Christine Brown or Janelle Brown, as some fans see a resemblance to Kody’s two exes.

But other fans see a resemblance to Mindy Jessop, the nanny, and Robyn’s step-niece. So, who is this blonde woman walking with the couple?

Neither Kody Brown nor his now-only wife spoke publicly about the identity of this woman. So, she could just be a friend. But many Sister Wives fans think Robyn was serious about not wanting a monogamous marriage.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Robyn Brown – Kody Brown – Image Credit: Facebook

She made it very clear last season that she wanted a plural marriage with sister wives all working together to create a big family. The woman in the photo above looks to be younger. So, Sister Wives fans put her in the childbearing years. That’s if she’s a candidate for the Sister Wives’ clan.

Kody wouldn’t mind being a papa again, which he shared a few times on the show. Robyn waited for a sign, she believed her children’s souls came to her before she became pregnant each time.

She also appeared to need the help of a nanny when raising the two youngest children born to her and Kody. So maybe she decided a new wife is needed if Kody intends on growing the family with more offspring. Or just maybe they took Mindy out with them for the night if it happens to be her.

Sister Wives: Kody is the Captain but Robyn Runs the Ship?

Robyn Brown complained that the wives leaving the family robbed her biological children of growing up in a polygamous lifestyle.  She seemed indignant over being short-changed of a lifestyle she was promised when joining the Sister Wives clan.

If Robyn wants polygamy, chances are she’ll get her way. From what Kody and the other wives said last season, many fans surmise that Robyn Grown became the head of the family. Kody even said the other wives were going to her looking for her approval on things.

So, there’s not much doubt about it, even if this woman is the nanny Mindy, or even just an unknown friend, Sister Wives fans believe Robyn will rebuild. Or at least she gave a wonderful performance last year leaving viewers believing she will grow this family with more wives.

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