‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Clings to Wives Like ‘Trophies’?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown remains quiet during the hiatus between seasons, but a new hard-hitting accusation could coax him out. Each week a bit more surfaces about this shared husband from the TLC series as his less-than-stellar behaviors get critiqued.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Slammed Over Meri Brown

Kody Brown’s behavior on last season’s show gets talked about often by Gwendlyn Brown. She watches one episode at a time and offers her insights.

But recently she shares her disgust for what she hears her father say. Plus, this young woman does not sugarcoat a thing and the fans love her for it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Image Credit: CBS

It seems when she watched an episode this week, the scene where Meri Brown gets some awful news popped up. Meri hears from the Sister Wives’ One-on-One host that Kody doesn’t consider her a wife anymore.

Gwendlyn became mortified and felt sympathy for Meri. She showed her disdain for how her father gave Meri a false sense of security as she continued trying to reboot their marriage. She suggested Kody Brown let his first wife believe that their relationship had a chance by stringing her along.

Not a Cool Move by Kody?

Gwen had a lot to say about the way Papa Brown let Meri learn that their marriage was over. Then the college student brought up the way her mom ended her marriage to Kody. Christine Brown, Gwen’s mom, just came right out and said it.

But not Kody, he didn’t even let Meri know he was done with her before announcing it on Sister Wives. As Kody’s daughter watched what her father said, she became a bit angry.

She said it was “completely manipulative” of her father to keep this wife trapped in a “loveless” marriage with false hope. Gwendlyn even went as far as saying she wonders if these wives are like “trophies” to her father.

It was as if she was talking to herself out loud when she asked a few questions. She asked how Kody Brown benefited by staying with all of these women as she watched this Sister Wives episode.

She also wanted to know why he didn’t just let Meri go. Instead, she pondered why he feels this is a “humongous necessity” to keep all these women. This enraged daughter also asked out loud if her father thought this is the path he needed to follow to get into heaven.

Sister Wives: Meri Strung Along

When the One-on-One host told Meri that Kody didn’t consider himself married to her anymore, she looked crushed. She immediately said that he never told her this.

She told the host that since their move to Flagstaff, Kody led Meri to believe that he was giving it another try. To say this was an embarrassing situation for Meri would likely be an understatement.

Meri Brown started this polygamous marriage with Kody when she was still just a teenager. Kody was in his early 20s. Fans pointed out that they built the family together and to give her the heave-ho the way he did was just awful.

Gwendlyn has pointed out many things that the fans picked up on while watching Sister Wives. To hear her call Kody out on these things has earned her many kudos from viewers.

It is like he piles up these deeds that left the wives and some of the kids in tears. With each episode last season that pile grew higher.

Now like a breath of fresh air for the fans, Gwendlyn Brown comes through like a wrecking ball. She topples all the awful things he’s done through the previous season of the TLC show. She does this by putting the blame back on Kody Brown instead of all the women that he married.

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