Shocked Business Class Traveller Served Lone Banana For Breakfast

We’ve all had our fair share of less-than-ideal aeroplane food, but this one really takes the biscuit, or rather, the banana…

There’s nothing better than finally settling into your flight after all the commotion of checking in your bags, going through security, and walking half a mile to your gate, particularly when you’ve popped the extra few dollars and gone for business class.

For many, the major highlight of such an upgrade is the food, and that first meal you’re served can really set the tone for the remainder of your flight. For one traveller, flying from Jakarta with Japan Airlines, it was an altogether less luxurious experience than anticipated.

Recounting their experience on Flyertalk, the passenger said the following: “Before take-off today, my flight attendant confirmed that I ordered VGML (Vegetarian Vegan Meal) and that my breakfast was a banana, by which I mistakenly assumed she meant that breakfast included a banana.”

“When she served the banana after take-off, I thought it was just an underwhelming appetiser, but it was in fact the entire meal service!”


They shared the meal in all its glory for all to see: a single, admittedly reasonably large banana, a glass of white wine and a set of chopsticks. Not sure how helpful those chopsticks would have been…

A banana on a plate next to a glass of wine and a set of chopsticks.
The ‘meal’ in question. Image: @KRIS_CHARI/FLYERTALK

However, the passenger is evidently a practising optimist, finding a silver lining in this culinary cloud: it was “a really good banana”, going so far as to call it “one of the best” they’d recently eaten.

Unfortunately, the nutritional nightmare was far from over. This first “meal” was followed shortly after by a dismal lunch of “barely seasoned spaghetti”.

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Airlines still struggle to accommodate vegan passengers

This is far from the first time that vegan flyers have been underwhelmed by airline offerings. Back in 20202, a British Airways passenger was appalled to find butter and cheese included in their pre-ordered vegan option. Similarly, an Air Canada passenger was equally disgruntled when her vegan option was revealed to be – wait for it – a bottle of water.

Fifteen years ago, you might have been able to forgive airlines for not cottoning on to the relatively novel dieting trend. These days, however, veganism is everywhere, and it’s high time that airlines put processes in place to keep all their customers well-fed. Man cannot live by potassium alone…

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