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Elsewhere on Friday . . . 

— An all-party parliamentary group has gotten rugged (Guardian)

— A St Louis Fed paper on “population and GDP trends surrounding the Black Death pandemic of the early 14th century and the role of technological progress, specifically in agriculture.”

— Blockchain bonds? Blockchain bonds. (Bond Vigilantes)

— The best sports stories answer pressing questions you never knew you had. In this case: what if Rocky Balboa was just a chill little guy? (New York Times)

— Some less-chill guys are regretting leaving investment banking as their venture capital firms cut costs and hunt for deals (Insider)

— A comprehensive mapping of the most documented war in history (The Economist)

— The Wall Street Woke Wars (the most cursed headline in history, via Puck, metered paywall)

— Matt Levine on whether slam dunks are securities (Bloomberg)

— A new Polycrisis newsletter on debt and power in Pakistan (Phenomenal World)

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