8 Cool Louis Vuitton Colognes For Men

In need of a fresh new cologne this year? Look no further than these high-quality fragrances from Louis Vuitton.

Top Louis Vuitton Colognes For Men
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Of course, Louis Vuitton needs no introduction. 

It’s perhaps the most valuable luxury brand in the world, universally acclaimed as the leading manufacturer of high-end leather goods, watches, jewelry, and ready-to-wear fashion.

While they’ve been making fragrances since the 1920s, a fire in the 1950s destroyed all their fragrance formulae. 

Parfumier Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has been able to rebuild its fragrance legacy at a 16th-century estate in Grasse by pulling together a palette of 2500 notes, which includes flowers and even fusions of leather.

To put this in perspective, most parfumiers work with around 400 notes. 

The resulting fragrances are modern, classy, and extraordinary, ranging from deep ouds to fresh and zesty colognes. They are not cheap though, so you should choose carefully.

Louis Vuitton offers a refill program, so you can fill up with your favorite scent at about a 40% discount. Not a bad deal.

Louis Vuitton Colognes For Men

Here are the best Louis Vuitton colognes for men in no particular order.

Ombre Nomade Eau De Parfum

Number one on our list is Ombre Nomade Eau De Parfum. This parfum is no shrinking violet. It is a powerful, attention-grabbing fragrance that will have people around you looking to see who is wearing it. It’s that shockingly good. 

If you can imagine a blend of oud, rose, incense, and leather in a deep, brooding scent you’ll begin to have an idea of its captivating power. It is bold and expensive smelling, so you need to be the kind of guy who thrives on attention. 

Top notes include rose, raspberry, and saffron; middle notes are birch, incense, saffron, and geranium; base notes are amberwood, benzoin and oud. 

A little goes a long way with this one. It lasts and lasts. Wear it in the evening, on formal occasions, on special dates, and when you want to make a BIG impression. 

Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde Eau de Parfum 

This scent is all about the oud, and then some. Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde (which means ‘new world’ in French) is a deep, warm, bold fragrance. 

It opens with a provocative smack in the face. Cacao and oud finally settle into a sweeter dry down of rose, smoke, incense, and patchouli.

Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde

Nouveau Monde is a derivative of Ombre Nomade, at least it seems that way, but this time the rose sweetness has been scaled back and given a wallop of bold oud sensuality. 

You have to be an oud fan to wear this fragrance but if you are, this is one of the finest expressions of luxury. 

Top notes are saffron, rose, caramel, and vanilla; middle notes are olibanum, cacao, and amberwood; base notes are oud and leather. 

Perfect for the cooler months and for evenings. Wear it if you are the mature, confident, masculine type who is not afraid of being front and center. You‘ll exude class with every step. 

Louis Vuitton Météore Eau de Parfum 

If you are in your early to mid-twenties – and looking for a fragrance that will get you noticed out clubbing, this is it. It’s Louis Vuitton’s answer to Dior’s Eau Sauvage, a young, fresh fragrance that opens with sharp citrus notes but settles down to a musky, woody base. 

Louis Vuitton Meteore Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Météore

It’s perfect for nights out, in spring or summer, and even on a bright day in the cooler seasons. Top notes include bergamot, Mandarin, and Sicilian orange; middle notes are pink pepper, neroli, nutmeg, and cardamom; base note is vetiver. 

Even in crowded situations like a bar or club smoking area, you’ll find Météore is a long-lasting fragrance with enough oomph for a full night of partying. 

Louis Vuitton L’immensité Eau de Parfum 

Louis Vuitton also does fresh. L’immensité is an easy-going, everyday, summery fragrance. L’immensité opens with the tanginess of grapefruit balanced impeccably with a base of salty, amber woodiness.

Louis Vuitton Limmensite Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton L’immensité

Imagine yourself on a yacht, at the beach or by the pool on a hot summer day, sipping an ice-cold cocktail. 

From sharp grapefruit to ginger to a more masculine and musky dry down, this fragrance takes you through the day with perhaps one extra dab mid-afternoon if you are planning a night out. 

Top notes are grapefruit, ginger, and bergamot; middle notes are aquatic notes, sage, rosemary, and geranium; base notes are amber, ambroxan, and labdanum. 

Louis Vuitton Imagination Eau de Parfum 

Wear this one if you want to attract stares and compliments. It is said to be like catnip. Imagination is a balanced sweet fragrance combining neroli and citrus with a twist of cinnamon. 

Louis Vuitton Imagination Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Imagination

It opens with citrus, then settles into a fine-milled soapy aroma of neroli mixed with ginger. A drizzle of cinnamon completes the deliciousness.

Top notes are citrus, bergamot, and Sicilian orange; middle notes are ginger, neroli, and cinnamon; base notes are black tea, ambroxan, olibanum, and guaiac wood.

Although considered a summery, light fragrance, Imagination lasts for 12+ hours, so you don’t need to re-apply. Stand back and watch the effect it has on others. They’ll find it (and you) irresistible. 

Louis Vuitton Sun Song

Finally, here are three Eau De Parfum fragrances released in 2019. They are named Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim. All three have a slightly different vibe but all are outdoorsy and summery. 

Louis Vuitton Sun Song
Louis Vuitton Sun Song

Louis Vuitton Sun Song is a zippy, summery, tart fragrance that may remind you at first of freshly squeezed grapefruit. It starts out citric yet ends musky and floral and is meant for both men and women. 

Top note is citron; middle note is orange blossom and base note is musk. 

Sun Song is a bright, fresh, and clean fragrance that fits in perfectly on those hot summer days. Note: don’t forget to pack this one in your suitcase before you leave for vacation. 

Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden Eau de Parfum

Cactus Garden is nature-inspired, with notes of greenery and the outdoors. If you like the smell of gardens, leaves, and herbs, this one is for you. 

Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden

Although cacti grow in dry climates, this fragrance manages to combine the arid outdoors with the lusher greenery of a well-watered flower bed. 

It balances both heat and hydration with hints of lemongrass, incense, and matte tea blend. It’s a green fragrance but not one that is overtly citric. The best description that matches is probably one of a refreshing herbal tea. 

Top note is lemon grass; middle notes are ginger and matte tea; base notes are bergamot and white musk. Although this is considered a lighter fragrance it lasts a good 6 + hours. 

Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim Eau de Parfum

Put your feet up, or dangle them in a pool — Afternoon Swim is like sipping ice-cold orange juice. It is an energetic fragrance that blends citrus with aquatic notes. 

Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim Eau de Parfum
Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim

Parfumier Cavallier Belletrud said his intention was to create a cologne “full of energy” that felt like “a shot of vitamin C” in a spray. Mission accomplished. 

You’ll enjoy this one even if you aren’t on vacation because it’s that good. From the burst of orange to fresh ginger spice and bergamot, you’ll reach a salty, ambergris base, as if you’re paddling in the ocean. 

Top notes are ginger and mandarin orange; middle note is bergamot; base note is ambergris. 


There you have it. Our top 8 picks. 

You may have noticed that Vuitton tends to subscribe to the idea that a few high-quality, well-balanced ingredients are better than a bunch of ill-matched ones.

Their fragrances are made from the best rare essences in the world, and it shows. Less is more. Whatever your taste, heady and hedonistic or fresh and feisty, Louis Vuitton delivers. They are class all the way – and you’ll pay for them willingly.

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