2023 Spring Style Guide for Men (With 30 Examples)

This guide will help you to look your best this spring. Read on for tips and examples!

Spring Style Guide for Men

Grey skies are gone and spring is here. It’s time to put away that heavy winter coat and scarf and get out warm-weather duds. 

Not happy with what you see? It might be time to overhaul your spring wardrobe. 

This guide will help you understand the best colors for spring, lightweight fabrics, clothing options, fragrances, and more! To top things off I’ve included 30 outfit examples so you can find something that works for you.

Best Colors to Wear for Spring 

In the past, it was a faux pas to wear colors “out of season.” These days, you can pretty much wear whatever colored clothing you want year around. 

However, you can still incorporate seasonal colors into your outfits as a way to have your fashion reflect your environment. 

While in winter dark colors such as black, grey, and burgundy abound, in spring opt for lighter neutrals such as off-white, olive, brown, and light grey.

Spring Colors

Olive (light green) is the color I most associate with spring. It’s an incredibly versatile color that, in my opinion, is underutilized in the realm of menswear. Olive even works for shoes and boots! 

When it comes to pairing colors, I often find it’s best to wear monochromatic clothing, meaning that if I wear something light on top I try to wear something light on the bottom.

Brock Wearing Pale Pink Tee

Not only does this elongate you visually, it also looks more put together. 

Best Spring Fabrics

Winter is dominated by cold-weather fabrics such as wool, corduroy, and flannel, as well as synthetics such as gore-tex and Thinsulate. However, when spring comes knocking, it’s time to break out some lighter fabrics.

Source : Pikist

Light, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo will give you breathability and comfort. Read more about breathable fabrics here. 

Men’s Spring Coats & Outerwear

While the mercury may be trending upwards, it can still get pretty cold in spring. Not only that, depending on where you live, there tends to be a lot of rain this time of year.

Here are some styles of outerwear that will help you stay warm and dry:


In early spring you’ll probably need to keep a few vestiges of winter. While you may no longer need a heavy wool overcoat, a light wool topcoat will do the trick to stave off the chill.

Hockerty overcoat fit check

This kind of coat can be dressed down surprisingly easily — it can even be worn with jeans and sneakers


The rainjacket is in its element in spring. When April showers roll in, you’re going to wish you had something waterproof (or at least significantly water-resistant). 

Depending on your needs (i.e. where you live and whether or not you want to carry an umbrella), you may want to get a long jacket for extra protection. (I get by with a shorter jacket [a Harrington], myself).

It’s up to you to find the length that you prefer, but for shooter guys something that ends above the knee will look best.

For a more informal look, you can go with a classic yellow raincoat.

Brock Wearing Classic Yellow Raincoat

If you want to be able to dress this piece up, opt for one in khaki, olive, or navy. 

Harrington Jacket

I’ve had my olive Harrington jacket for around five years. It’s one of my favorite pieces of outerwear because it works with almost everything, even with a tie and creased chinos.

Ryan wearing suede chukkas

Another reason I love the Harrington is that it’s water-resistant.

While, as I mentioned, a longer jacket would do a better job of keeping me dry, I’ve worn this jacket in some heavy downpours and it’s kept my top half from getting soaked (thanks in part to its functional lapels).  

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are frequently confused with Harringtons. The main differences are that a bomber has a very short standing collar and doesn’t have buttons on the pockets. Bombers also sometimes have a pocket on one of the sleeves. 

Bomber jackets are a bit more casual than Harrington’s, but not by much. They’re right at home with t-shirts and jeans. 

If you’re a skinnier guy, the Harrington’s funnel collar will help make your neck seem a bit thicker, while the bomber doesn’t have that advantage.

Wind Jacket

A casual wind jacket can help you to feel more comfortable on breezy spring days.

Ash and Erie jeans outfit

Choose solid, neutral colors for a more dressed-up look, or bold colors for a throwback 90s vibe. 

Waxed Trucker Jacket

I recently discovered the waxed trucker jacket. This is a tough piece of outerwear that is kind of like a water-resistant jean jacket alternative.

Randolph Engineering Concorde on face

If you spend a lot of time outside, I’d recommend at least trying one to see if you like it. I get a lot of use out of mine from Huckberry. 

Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket can be a fantastic addition to your outerwear collection. Look for classic styles in black or brown.

Suitsupply corduroys

Make sure that the leather is high-quality — cheap, genuine leather jackets are going to look terrible after just a few seasons while better leathers can last decades. (My leather jacket is at least 30 years old and still going strong). 

As it goes, “quality” often equates to “more expensive.” If you’re on a tight budget, I’d recommend either buying a used one or saving up to buy a nice jacket new.

In my opinion, in almost every case,  it’s not worth it to buy a cheap leather jacket.


Vests aren’t just for fall — they are a great spring garments as well!

Brock wearing skinny fit jeans

Wear a vest under a jacket or on its own on warmer days. 

Look for one that ends just below the belt for a perfect fit. 

Men’s Spring Sweaters & Shirts

What do spring and lasagna have in common? It’s all about the layers. 

Layering is a style skill that takes time to master, but one of the main rules (and remember rules can be broken) is to have the lightest-colored layers closest to your body with darker colors as you move outwards. 

Another basic guideline is that outer layers should be longer than the layers underneath. Ever seen someone wear a suit underneath a short winter coat? Not a good look.

Mens Spring Sweaters and Shirts Outfit
Try layering in unconventional ways and you might just find a killer combo like this!

For more on layering, check out our complete guide.

Blue henley olive chinos

Since the weather and the temperature tend to fluctuate quite a bit in spring, you can wear a wide variety of shirts and sweaters.

Spring Sweater Outfit
Source: Reddit r/malefashionadvice

A chunky cardigan over a flannel shirt will keep you cozy at the beginning of the season. However, as the snow melts and flowers start to emerge, a well-fitted polo shirt may be all you need. 

Men’s Spring Pants/Shorts 

Due to unpredictable spring weather, it’s a good time of year to experiment with wearing different styles of pants (or even shorts). 

Jeans, chinos, cords, dress pants, and chino shorts are just a few possibilities.

If you’re not sure what styles or colors of pants to try, browse our minimalist pants collection for tips and examples. 

Men’s Spring Shoes & Boots

The trend continues moving down to footwear. There are many options during this transitional season.
Work and Chelsea boots are great for wet weather, while sneakers and suede chukkas are perfect for when the sun’s out and puddles have temporarily disappeared.

Grant Stone Diesel Boot

As things warm up and your cold-weather footwear is carefully stored, sandals, moccasins, and loafers will keep you feeling fresh. Sandals and slip-on shoes are great options to wear with shorts. 

No-show socks will help you to have that sockless, off-the-clock look without stinking up your shoes. 

Men’s Spring Accessories

Level up your spring outfits by adding a few accessories. Don’t go overboard though — you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume. 


While it’s still cold outside you might need to wear a hat. A beanie in a dark, neutral color will get the job done, but consider lighter-colored beanies for spring such as light grey or light brown.

Cotton Pullover Sweater 3

You might consider switching to a wide-brimmed hat later in the season as it’ll provide protection against sun and rain. 


When spring showers roll in you’re going to want to have a sturdy umbrella with you.

Tan Raincoat With Joggers

You can easily find a compact, travel-sized umbrella to keep in your car. Or, if you walk a lot, a longer, more substantial umbrella will probably better suit you. 


Sunglasses are vital for keeping the sun out of your eyes while driving. They also can be a great way to level up your style.

Blue Linen and Dark Denim 3

Find frames that fit your face and your personality by trying on at least a few different pairs. 

Personally, I like my aviators from Randolph, though my New Ray-Ban Wayfarers also get a lot of wear. 

Other Spring Accessories

You can add other accessories as desired such as jewelry (e.g. bracelets, rings, and watches), or a less common statement piece such as a bandana.

Silver cuff bracelet

You may also want to switch up your everyday carry to include more personalized, and perhaps more unusual, items

Spring Fragrances

Just as you begin to dress differently as seasons change, when spring arrives it’s a good idea to consider swapping out your fragrances as well. 

Fall and winter scents tend to be heavier — notes of tobacco, vanilla, and musk are common. 

Spring colognes, on the other hand, are generally lighter and more refreshing. This time of year, clean, citrusy, and even floral smells abound.

Creed Aventus Cologne

Don’t know much about cologne? Explore our spring cologne roundup for some great suggestions.

30 Spring Outfit Examples 

To help spark your inspiration, I’ve included 30 different spring looks below:

Blue Linen and Dark Denim 1
Business casual style
Outlier shorts
Ryan Wearing Bomber jacket over cardigan
Blue tee green shorts
Red Jacket over White Tee
Ryan Wearing Suit with sneakeres
Light Summer Palette 2
Noragi jacket outfit
Ryan Wearing Sport coat shirt and tie
Henley with field jacket
Cardigan over OCBD
Neutral spring outfit
Cardigan Over Shirt and Tie
Tony Wearing Spier Mackay MTM suit
Dark floral print shirt
Ryan Wearing Brow Jacket and Brown Pants
Casual greyscale outfit
Long sleeve polo with jeans
Casual All Brown Outfit
0 Misc Image 1
Basic Business Casual Outfit
Flannel shirt and dress pants
White Sneakers Casual Outfit
Source : Reddit r/malefashionadvice
Casual travel outfit
Billy Reid Outfit
man wearing khaki chinos and loafers
Source: Reddit r/malefashionadvice
Shirt Cycle 8
Denim overshirt with corduroys
Saddleback medium satchel no strap 2 ft

Hopefully you found a look, or maybe a particular garment, that you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe. 


Here are answers to a common questions about spring style:

What Are the Style Trends for Spring 2023?

Relaxed-fit pants are trending, as are throwback 90s fits. However, I’d recommend that you don’t chase trends. Instead, find styles that work for you. 

What Should Guys Wear in the Spring?

I wouldn’t necessarily that guys should wear any particular piece, however, men can experiment with layering while it’s still cold and play with color palates as things warm up. 

I’d recommend trying out denim chore jackets, brown-toned pants, and lightweight cardigans. 

Can You Wear Summer Clothes in Spring?

Sure! Why not? Clothes don’t have to be relegated to any particular season, but it makes sense to consider the temperature and weather conditions. 

What Is the Best Color To Wear in Spring?

I’d argue that olive is perhaps the most versatile color for spring. 

What Colors Should You Not Wear in the Spring?

You can wear whatever colors you’d like in spring. 

Can You Wear Dark Colors in the Spring?

While most people probably opt for lighter colors in the spring, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear darker colors.

Wrapping It Up

As a transitional season, it can be difficult to know what to wear.

I recommend experimenting with different styles until you find a few core pieces that you love. 

Expand from there slowly and deliberately to “strengthen your style chops” and to fill out your spring wardrobe. Remember that clothes aren’t really seasonal — fell free to wear whatever suits your tastes and your environment.

What are your wardrobe staples for spring? Let me know in the comment section below!

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